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Club Challenge Build 2022
The club challenge build is a common kit - the newly re-released AMT Chevy II station wagon,
either the curbside kit or the full kit with all the extra parts.  Three of us are going to add a resin
cast model of a soap box derby racer that appeared in the AMT 1968 Chevrolet El Camino kit.

The results will be shown

2020 14th Annual 24 Hours Model Build
See the page HERE describing our participation in this years online build event.

Club Challenge Build 2020
It looks like the 2020 challenge will be to complete a Porsche vehicle of your choice.  Results
will be posted

We are also going to track how many models get finished, starting on March to the end of the
COVID-19 crisis (whenever that will be).  See the galleries for these.

Club Challenge Build 2019
The club has decided on a group challenge build:
- build one or more cars that competed or appeared in the Shell 4000 Rally
- deadline is Torcan 2019 show (end of May 2019)
- car can be one that competed or one of the support vehicles

The Shell 4000 Rally ran from 1961 to 1971 (with a break for 1969 and 1970).  It ran before the Trans-Canada highway
was completed and ran from Vancouver to Montreal (usually).
There is a wonderful website that has captured information, articles and photos, at
Shell 4000 Rally

As of December 12, 2018, we have the following committments:
Dave W - 1968 Plymouth Barracuda (1968 winner)  
Evan - 1967 Mustang fastback (1967 race - DNF) DONE
     - 1966 Mustang (1966 race - DNF) DONE
     - 1965 Corvair (1965 race - 20th place) DONE
     - 1965 Mustang fastback (Comstock car, 1965 race - 2nd place) DONE
Rob - 1965 Mustang (1965 race - driven by Eppie Wietzes, DNF)
   - Volvo 122 (1965 race 25th place)
Frank - 1968 Isuzu Bellet (1968 race - 48th place)
Eric - Sunbeam Alpine (1961 race - 31st place)
Rene - 1966 Datsun SR311 (1966 race - 14th place) DONE
Dave L - 1966 Chevy II (1966 race - 6th place) DONE
Howard - 1967 Studebaker Hawk (1967 race DNF) DONE
Glen - 1968 Rambler (2nd place) DONE
Larry - International Metro van in Shell colours  DONE
Trevor - 1963 Chrysler 300 (1963 race - 6th place)
Paul M - 1968 Mini Cooper (1968 race - DSQ)
Paul S - 1966 Corvair Corsa (1966 race - 15th place)
Bobby - 1965 Chevy Chevelle (1965 race - 19th place)
Ted - ??
Photos of the finished models can be found

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