Below are thumbnails of Dave's model cars. Most recent finished models are on the bottom of the page. Click
on the thumbnail or description to find our more about each of the models.
Dave W's Model Cars
2015 Daytona 24 hour build
Porsche Carrera RSR turbo
VW Drag Car
59 Rambler Scuba Car
Dekotora Japanese truck
Twin Fin Jaguar
Traditional Hot Rod (cult
theme for NNL 2015)
Saline Solution vehicles
- salt flat land speed record vehicles
Saline Solution I (salt
flats racer)
Saline Solution 2 (salt
flats racer)
Based on Olds Aerotech, narrowed
body, custom decals, parts box
wheels, Dave's answer to Aerotech
challenge build.
Saline Solution 3
(stretched, mid-engine
Saline Solution IV
("eye-vee" - get it?)
Saline Solution 5 - based on
Monogram Firebolt kit
Saline Solution 6 - drag boat
body, turbine engines from
MPC Howmet TX
Saline Solution 7½ and El
Saline Solution VIII - ' 62 T-bird,
Batmissile and Allison engine
Saline Solution Nine - based
on Mickey Thompson Attempt
One, but only 2 engines
Saline Solution Ten - based on
Saleen S7 model
Saline Solution Owners
car (Porsche 918)
Japanese car (from a
TV show - possibly the
ugliest car ever)
Mercedes C111 concept car
Porsche Jagermeister
Santa's very fast sleigh
Lexus LFA
If Ford had decided to
produce a convertible,
performance version of the
Ford EXP concept
Porsche 914/6 (24 hour build)
Gulf Le Mans race car
Combining the roof of a
Tamiya Mercedes C9 with the
body of a Revell Audi R10 to
come up with a unique,
fictional Le Mans race car
Wolf Dallara Can-Am race car
(1/43 scale)
Meyers Manx in leopard print
Triumph TR3
Sea Flea and tow vehicle
Porsche 959 [1:16 scale]
Pintera (custom Pinto)
AVS Shadow Can-Am race car
(multi-media kit)
1953 Alfa Romeo B.A.T.
(Fisher multimedia kit)
Stutz Blackhawk (Etzel
multimedia kit, distributed by
American Racing Miniatures)
BMW Isetta body grafted onto
Star Wars AT-ST legs.
(nspired by a model which
used a VW pickup cab
A pair of Porsche 944's
Martini Lancia
Surf Woody (built during Jan
2017 24 hour build)
Dubble Bubble
1996 Le Mans winner -
Porsche WSC-95 (Le Mans
Miniature resin kit 1:43 scale)
Citroen DS19 (Ebbro kit)
1974 Mclaren M23 Canadian
GP winner - lots of detailing
and aftermarket parts
Citroen "Four Genette" truck,
as a Michelin service van.
Tamiya Fiat 500, with
scratch-built picnic basket
Porsche 918 - 2015 Le Mans
Porsche RS Spyder
Renault A442 - 1978 Le Mans
race car
Porsche 928 'Pink Pig' drag car
Ferrari 2002 Le Mans (1:43
Japanese kit of Hornisse sci-fi
kit based on WWII German
Porsche Tractor
Alpine Renault A110, before
and after weathering
Leyton CG910B (1:20 scale)
with scratchbuilt tire warmers
Nissan 350Z (OOB)
Porsche GT1 in Rohr livery
Citroen Legere (OOB)
Mercedes Concept - Dodge
Copperhead interior grafted
onto Mercedes SL300
Belkits Opel rally car
Working Porsche Engine -
MOV (movie file)
Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche
1968 Barracuda - Shell 4000
rally build - based  on AMT '69
kit with resin transkit pieces