The Shell 4000 Rally ran from 1961 to 1971 (with a break for 1969 and 1970).  It ran before the Trans-Canada highway was
completed and ran from Vancouver to Montreal (usually).

There is a wonderful website that has captured information, articles and photos, at
Shell 4000 Rally

Below are thumbnails of the various Shell 4000 Rally model cars that the group built, shown approximately in the order they were
Shell 4000 Rally Model Cars
Shell 4000 Rally display at 2019
Toronto Model Show
Shell 4000 Rally display at 2019
NNL Nationals, Toledo Ohio
Car: Datsun SR-311
Race: 1966, car #158, 14th place
Competitors: Don Lamont/Ed Deak
Built by: Rene
Car: 1968 Barracuda,
Race: 1968, car #137,
Competitors: Scott Harvey/Ralph Beckman
Model built by: Dave W.
Car: International Metro RM150 Shell sponsor van
Model built by: Larry
PDF file of Model Car forum posting
Car: 1967 Mustang Fastback
Race: 1967, car #134, DNF
Competitors: Charles Alsip/Don Andrews (from USA)
Built by: Evan
Car: 1961 Sunbeam Alpine
Race: 1961, car #29, 31st place
Competitors: H. A. Wilson/E. L. Wilson
Built by: Eric
Car: 1965 Chevelle
Race: 1961, car #145, 19th place
Competitors: Maurice Carter/Ian Worth
Built by: Bobby
Car: 1968 Rambler
Race: 1968, car #105, 2nd place
Competitors: Paul MacLennan/Jim Peters
Built by: Glen
Car: 1966 Mustang
Race: 1966, car #164, DNF
Competitors: Peter Allen/D. Sharpe
Built by: Evan
Car: 1966 Chevy II
Race: 1966, car #149, 6th place
Competitors: Maurice 'Mo' Carter/Bill Silvera
Built by: Dave L  More photos
Car: 1965 Corvair Corsa
Race: 1965, car #106, 20th place
Competitors: Werner Wenzel/John Proctor
Built by: Evan
Car: 1965 Mustang Fastback
Race: 1965, car #104, 2nd place
Competitors: Paul MacLennan/John Wilson
Built by: Evan