About Us

Below are brief bios of some of our members

Dave L
Dave has retired from his work at a large Canadian financial institution and lives in
Mississauga.  His car interests are quite eclectic and run from a 1:32 scale Vauxhall
to 1:25 scale pickups and custom cars.  Some of Dave's models can be seen

Dave W
Dave has retired from working at the National Energy Board and now lives in a
country home outside of Huntsville, ON.  Dave is primarily interested in Porsches,
various race cars and humorous subjects.

Evan is still a working stiff in the facility management industry and he lives in Guelph.  
He splits his building between 1:12 motorcycles and 1:24 scale cars.  He is the club
webmaster and has his own website under
scalemodels.eajonesgue.com.  He has
contributed a number of articles to Car Models magazine and Random Thoughts, the
IPMS Canada magazine.

Howard is self-employed as an auto parts sales agent and photographer and lives in
Toronto.  Howard builds a variety of cars, often with a his twisted sense of humour.

Larry has retired from teaching and lives just outside of Guelph.  He has honed his
metalworking skills and rebuilds 1:24 scale diecast trucks into museum like
masterpieces.  Both he and his brother Cliff have regular articles in Model Cars and
Scale Auto Enthusiast magazines.

Marc works at Siemens Wind Power in Tillsonburg and lived in Aylmer.  He builds
mostly 1/25 scale Canadian Drag cars and Mopar Muscle cars.

Paul M
Paul is now retired from his work as a contracts manager in the defense equipment
industry and now lives outside of Calgry, AB.  Paul’s auto related subjects span from
street automobiles, racing cars and motorcycles.

Paul S
Paul is an entrepreneur whose main business is his plastic heat welding company in
Burlington.  His model building focus is mainly on race cars and he races in Formula
Libre(open wheel) in Canada and the US.

Peter is semi-retired and worked for many years restoring primarily British sports
cars.  He builds a wide range of cars and bikes in various scales.

Rene is recently semi-retired as a millright and process improvement manager
(primarily with Johnson Controls) and he lives north of Shelborne.  He likes to build a
range of cars, focusing mostly on race cars.  Some of Rene's models can be seen

Rob is a senior designer in the manufacturing industry and he lives in Fergus.  His
automobile interests are wide ranging, both in subject matter and scale.  He likes to
focus on building historic Canadian based race cars.

Trevor is a parts manager at a car dealership and he lives in Kitchener.  He likes to
build a variety of race car subjects.

Glen works for a municipality managing their water conservation program. He lives in
Courtice, ON (east of Oshawa). He builds mostly race cars in 24th, 20th and 1/12th
scales. Race subjects are mostly F1 and LeMans along some Rally, Indy and DTM.
He also collects some road car kits which he generally ignores!

Eric lives in Guelph, and worked for 26 years as a technical illustrator and graphic
designer for an aerospace training company in Toronto. For the past three years
he's been working as a bus driver for Guelph Transit.  His modelling focus is primarily
1/24 - 1/25 scale American replica stock car models, with a few hot rods and customs
in the mix as well. As with most of us, he's accumulated a sizeable collection of kits
that will keep him busy for a long time to come, it's a disease called SABLE (Stash
Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy)